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Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb pay which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. payable. Due to be paid. Able to be paid. Of a mine etc.: capable of yielding profit; profitable. Synonyms Pay adjectives are listed in this post. Each word below can often be found in front of the noun pay in the same sentence. This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing PAY. actual, additional, adequate, ample, annual, average, back, bad, base, based, basic, best, better, big, british,.

adjective. /peɪd/. /peɪd/. Idioms. jump to other results. [usually before noun] (of work, etc.) for which people receive money. Neither of them is currently in paid employment. a highly paid job. opposite unpaid see also low-paid, well paid Definition of PAID (adjective): with pay although you are not working; earning a particular amount of money; receiving pay for work don 2. Paid can be an adjective, used in contrast to unpaid - for example, you might be looking for paid work. However, your suggested sentence doesn't use paid correctly. Paid by is saying that 25 cents will pay the bag. No-one is paying the bags everything. It would also still be a verb, in passive voice

pay. noun. Definition of pay (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : something paid for a purpose and especially as a salary or wage : remuneration. 2 a : the act or fact of paying or being paid. b : the status of being paid by an employer : employ. 3 : a person viewed with respect to reliability or promptness in paying debts or bills Definition of pre-pay adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more pay ( third-person singular simple present pays, present participle paying, simple past and past participle paid or (obsolete) payed ) ( transitive) To give money or other compensation to in exchange for goods or services. quotations . he paid him to clean the place up adjective. formal paid as compensation to someone who has suffered injury or los Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb effort which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. effortful. Requiring or showing effort. Synonyms: hard, difficult, arduous, tough, demanding, exacting, laborious, strenuous, challenging, gruelling, formidable, grueling, heavy, testing, toilsome, rigorous,.

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  1. g opposite adjectives are un-, dis-, and in-. Some examples are listed in the table below. prefix
  2. Adjective + Preposition List. We often follow adjectives by prepositions (words like of, for, with), for example: afraid of She's afraid of the dark. famous for France is famous for wine. bored with I'm bored with this film. Unfortunately, there is no rule to tell you which preposition goes with which adjective. So when you learn a new.
  3. 1 : owed or owing as a debt is due a full week's pay. 2 a : owed or owing as a natural or moral right finally got the recognition she was due give credit where credit is due everyone's right to dissent is due the full protection of the Constitution — Nat Hentoff
  4. paid meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of pay 2. being given money for something: 3. used in. Learn more
  5. dedicated (adjective): showing extreme care and commitment to a person or thing to feel up to something (verb): to be feeling well enough to leave the home and do something with another person donation (noun): a gift of money or items to a research organization or charity that helps other
  6. Pay means to give money to someone to settle a debt or obligation. Pay also means to give money in exchange for something. Pay is also a person's salary or wages. Pay has many other senses as a verb and a noun. Pay means to settle a bill or a debt, such as paying the check at a restaurant or paying your electric bill
  7. Adverb: I pay my rent weekly. (I pay my rent every week.) Some words ending in - ly are only adjectives and not adverbs. These include: costly, cowardly, deadly, friendly, likely, lonely, lovely, oily, orderly, scholarly, silly, smelly, timely, ugly, woolly. We enjoyed the trip to America but it was a costly holiday

When you use negative adjectives, readers will respond emotionally, understanding the disgust, fear, repulsion, disdain, and disagreement. Understand the meaning of the adjectives you use to call out the specific emotions you want from your readers. The right, strong negative adjective is more powerful than a string of adjectives. One good word adds punch to your writing. Choose well to create the feeling you want your reader to feel Ein anderer Weg zu sagen Not To Pay? Synonyme für Not To Pay (Adjektive) They pay the workers badly. How do they pay the workers? Badly. (So beschreibst du, wie die Arbeiter bezahlt werden.) Beachte: Adverbien erhalten am Ende ein ly, Adjektive dagegen nicht. Ausnahmen: Diese Wörter sind sowohl Adjektive als auch Adverbien: fast, hard, late, early. Dagegen wird good zu well Stan­dard. Substantiv, maskulin - 1. etwas, was als mustergültig, modellhaft . 2. im allgemeinen Qualitäts- und Leistungsniveau . 3. Normal

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More Categories for the Adjectives that Start with A. This section is all about useful Adjectives that start with A. All of these descriptive words are combined with definitions and examples. The first section is a collection of interesting descriptive words, followed by a section of positive adjectives that can be used to describe a person Comparative adjectives in a sentence - Exercise 1. Task No. 1061. Complete the sentence using the comparative form of the adjective in brackets. Show example. Example: Marie is than Lisa. (old) Answer: Marie is older than Lisa. Do you need help? Comparison of adjectives in English. Jake's room is than Larry's room. (small) The blue car is than the black car. (nice) This exercise is than that. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Probe' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache Die Pays de la Loire [peidlaˈlwaːʀ] (deutsch Länder der Loire) sind eine an der Mündung der Loire gelegene Region im Westen Frankreichs.Sie besteht aus den Départements Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe und Vendée.Die Region hat eine Fläche von 32.082 km² und 3.781.423 Einwohner (Stand 1. Januar 2018). Die Hauptstadt der Region ist Nantes, weitere wichtige.

Another way to say Pay Attention? Synonyms for Pay Attention (adjectives) No Pay synonyms. Top no pay synonyms (adjectives) are free, complimentary and unpaid. Log in. no pay / synonyms. adjectives - 4 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples. Parts of speech. phrases. adjectives. adverbs. suggest new. free. adv. complimentary. unpaid. unremunerated. about apps & extensions feedback examples link to us donations. terms privacy & cookie policy. Power. Adjective phrases - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar Jewish. Fearless. Since 1897. June 14, 2021. I'm a subscriber Log i

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Adjectives give us more information about people, places, animals and things. Some adjectives can be formed from nouns, verbs and even other adjectives by adding a prefix or a suffix. Learn about adjective formation with Lingolia's online lesson. In the exercises, you can practise forming adjectives from nouns and verbs Adjective: Definition & Types. ( 5 / 5, 643 votes) Tweet. An adjective describes or modifies noun /s and pronoun /s in a sentence. It normally indicates quality, size, shape, duration, feelings, contents, and more about a noun or pronoun. Adjectives usually provide relevant information about the nouns/pronouns they modify/describe by answering. Restrictive adjective clauses (also known as defining adjective clauses) contain information that is necessary to define the noun. The noun is a general noun such as boy, apple, book, city, etc. A good tip to tell your students is that if the meaning is any, then it's a general noun (book = any book; I don't have a specific book in mind)

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Adjective + preposition A A Complete each sentence with an adjective from the list on the left and a preposition from the list on the right. You must use each adjective once only but you can use each preposition more than once. 1 She was her friend because she had a better dress. 2 The waste paper bin was crumpled sheets of paper. 3 This computer is producing sophisticated graphics. 4 The town. Pay definition, to settle (a debt, obligation, etc.), as by transferring money or goods, or by doing something: Please pay your bill. See more

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Some attributive adjectives are derived from nouns, e.g. a law college, a flower garden, pay-day. A quantitative adjective is one that shows how much (quantity) of a thing is meant. For example, I did not eat any apple, he ate much bread, you drink little milk. A quantitative adjective is always followed by a singular material or abstract noun. A numeral adjective is one that shows the number. Have you ever wondered, What is an adjective complement? Simply put, it's a clause or phrase that modifies an adjective or added to its meaning. Read on to find out more Home › (C35) MaMá Adjective (C35) MaMá Adjective. Regular price $2.00 Sale price $0.00 Unit price / per. Quantity. Add to Cart This is a screen print only. No shirt will come with the package. You will need a commercial grade heat press to apply this to a shirt.. attentive: 1 adj taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention Synonyms: heedful , paying attention , thoughtful Antonyms: heedless , unheeding marked by or paying little heed or attention careless , regardless (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration deaf , indifferent (usually followed by `to') unwilling or. This lesson covers the rules for adjective placement in Spanish. We will introduce a list of common adjectives in Spanish after nouns through sentences using verbs like SER and ESTAR. We will also discuss and provide examples on when to use Spanish adjectives before nouns and practice with quizzes

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  1. What does liable mean? Legally obligated or responsible. (adjective) Liable to pay for damages; liable for negligence
  2. In systemic-functional linguistics, a lexis or lexical item is the way one calls a particular thing or a type of phenomenon. Since a lexis from a systemic-functional perspective is a way of calling, it can be realised by multiple grammatical words such as The White House, New York City or heart attack. Moreover, since a lexis is a way of.
  3. Is Random Adjective Generator Free to use? Yes, Random Adjective Generator by Wordigram is free to use and it will remain free. You don't need to pay any dime for this stuff. Even We Believe that Helpful Content for Community should be available for free. It's of no use of it can't serve those in need. So We Kept this and all other Tools on.
  4. An attributive adjective is usually in front of the noun it is describing and gives attributes (qualities, characteristics) to that noun. It was a sunny day. A gigantic mountain loomed in front of us. Roslyn adopted an adorable kitten from the animal shelter. The wool sweater made her itch. A predicative (or predicate) adjective comes after the verb to be or a linking verb and describes the.
  5. parts of speech exercise. A practical oe with a brief explanation on word formation. 3 graded exercises to practise prefixes, suffixes and both (includes a word search, a matching activity and a gap-filling exercise with pics). Hope you can use it with your students

ADJECTIVE/NOUN AGREEMENT (1ST/2ND DECLENSION) In Latin, adjectives and nouns agree in CASE, NUMBER, and GENDER. It is very easy to identify adjective/noun pairs in Latin, or to put the correct endings on adjective/noun pairs when translating phrases into Latin. BUT YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT THEY SHOULD LOOK ALIKE. Follow these simple steps: 1. identify the case and. 2. Confirm the word's meaning. Lookup any words that you're slightly unfamiliar with. It's crucial that you use your resume adjective appropriately. Check the definition and synonyms to make sure you're conveying your point clearly and accurately. 3. Combine your adjectives with action words

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View PDF. Adjectives Arrows Worksheet. Circle the adjective in each sentence and draw an arrow to the noun it describes. This is a 2-sided worksheet. Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. View PDF. Adjectives That Come After Nouns. Adjectives usually come before a noun, but not always. Finding these adjectives can be tricky These intermediate-level exercises allow ESL students to practice conversational skills while focusing on broadening their character adjective vocabulary. Students will use questionnaires to develop their personal description vocabulary in addition to completing matching and fill-in-the-blank exercises that test their understanding Adjective Swirl Troop Shirt. $1900. $19.00. Unit price / per. Tax included. Shirt Size. YOUTH XS (4/5) YOUTH S (6/7) YOUTH M (8) YOUTH L (10/12) YOUTH XL (14/16) ADULT S ADULT M ADULT L ADULT XL ADULT 2XL ADULT 3XL ADULT 4XL. Troop Add On. Without Troop Number With Troop Number

Average definition: An average is the result that you get when you add two or more numbers together and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example heavy definition: 1. weighing a lot, and needing effort to move or lift: 2. (especially of something unpleasant) of. Learn more

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  1. B1 Adjective - Adverb AD007 Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. He looked at me _____ when I interrupted him. (ANGRY) 2. Marty and Judith are _____ married. (HAPPY) 3. I lost the game because I had been playing _____. It was even _____ than last season's game. (BAD, BAD) 4. The boss is always _____ -informed. There's not.
  2. customers pay one fee and can eat as much as they wish: These are all you can eat fries, so let me know if you want more. appetizer noun: small snack before a meal : Would you like some garlic bread or another appetizer to start? appetizing adjective: looks pleasing to eat: I'm afraid these pancakes don't look very appetizing. apron noun: a cloth covering worn over the clothes while cooking.
  3. Mar 16, 2020 - Explore Pinning Teacher's board Teaching Adjectives/Adverbs, followed by 4051 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about adjectives, teaching adjectives, teaching
  4. LEO.org: Your online dictionary for English-German translations. Offering forums, vocabulary trainer and language courses. Also available as App

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  1. Stan­dard­pro­gramm. Substantiv, Neutrum - Programm, das dem Standard entspricht Zum vollständigen Artikel → stan­dar­di­sie­ren. schwaches Verb - [nach einem genormten Muster] vereinheitlichen; normen
  2. Open now!!️ The Adjective, Central Latphrao branch, new look, bigger than before. Enjoy shopping with Brand Fj ällr även and Chums. Let's add a lifestyle for yourself. Location: G floor. G2 door near Mr. shop. Fix. !!️ Promotion to open a new shop. Discount for 10 %* Only for participating products. From today-31 May #TheAdjective #.
  3. In general, when a word has the ending -ly, it will act as an adverb. Pay close attention to how the noun is modified, as this is the final criteria when deciding between an adjective and adverb
  4. Reduce to an Adjective . Remove the relative pronoun. Remove the verb (usually be, but also seem, appear, etc.). Place the adjective used in the relative clause before the modified noun. Examples: The children who were happy played until nine in the evening. Reduced: The happy children played until nine in the evening. The house, which was beautiful, was sold for $300,000. Reduced: The.
  5. Complete the sentence using the comparative form of the adjective in brackets. Show example. Example: Marie is than Lisa. (old) Answer: Marie is older than Lisa. Do you need help? Comparison of adjectives in English. Jake's room is than Larry's room. (small) The blue car is than the black car. (nice) This exercise is than that one. (boring) His pullover is than his jeans. (dark) Susan's hair.
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  1. Home › Conservative (adjective) Definition Unisex T-shirt. Conservative (adjective) Definition Unisex T-shirt. $22 95 $22.95. Unit price / per Add to Cart. 4.3 oz. Fine jersey; 100% Ring-spun combed cotton; Slim fit; Made in the USA; Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest. We Also Recommend. Liberty or Death Unisex T-Shirt. Regular price $22 95 $22.95. The.
  2. Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: https://www.mrtsphonics.com/more-geraldine-youtube/ We make le..
  3. Adjective 1. Der freundlich ______ Herr empfängt die Gäste. 2. Gestern hat Herr Schmit der alt ______ Dame geholfen. 3. Bernd hat den Ball des klein.
  4. i-course to practice ALL the vocabulary from the video! https://nmodel.net/courses/describe-character-and-personality-in-englishLearn to speak abou..

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This listing is for Heart Adjective Shirt. • 100% Cotton Material - Super soft! • Unisex Fit • Professional grade vinyl used for design YOUTH SIZES: XS-XL (Size Chart shown in listing photos) Equivalent Youth Sizes are listed below: XS - 4/5 S - 6/7 M - 8 L - 9/10 XL - 12/14 ADULT SIZES: XS-4X Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters . Word Game A quantitative adjective provides information about the quantity of the nouns/pronouns. This type belongs to the question category of 'how much' and 'how many'. Examples: I have 20 bucks in my wallet. (How much) They have three children. (How many) You should have completed the whole task. (How much) More Examples of Quantitative Adjectives. Proper Adjectives: Proper adjectives are the. Lernen und üben Sie die am meißten gebrauchten 1000 Verben des Englischen Vokabulars zum Spreche

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Pay special attention to the words CD 2 in bold. TR 2 182 Lesson 7. Comprehension CheCk Based on the reading, tell if the statement is true (T) or false (F). 1.Omidyar did not start out with the intention of making money. 2.Because of John Donahoe, eBay was starting to fail. 3.Omidyar believes in sharing his wealth. 7.1 Adjective Clauses — Introduction Examples Explanation I received a. Die Penetration bezeichnet zumeist das Eindringen des Penis in die Vagina. Zudem werden aber auch andere Sexualpraktiken, bei denen ein Partner in eine Körperöffnung des anderen eindringt, als Penetration bezeichnet De or Des + noun+adjective des or d e ? + noun + adjective The article des is replaced by de, in formal French, when the name that it determines is an epithet adjective placed before a plural noun.. Eg. Ce club nous donne de sérieuses bases en anglais.. If the epithet was placed after the noun, there would be no problem using des:. Eg the 1 (thē before a vowel; thə before a consonant) def.art. 1. a. Used before singular or plural nouns and noun phrases that denote particular, specified persons or things: the baby; the dress I wore. b. Used before a noun, and generally stressed, to emphasize one of a group or type as the most outstanding or prominent: considered Wicker Park to be.

1) We hope the party will be the elections. 2) You two look very each other. 3) Jim is the accident, and he ought to pay for the damage. 4) It's very difficult to make airports terrorist attacks. 5) Keep the fish the other food. 6) Those boots are not walking in the country. 7) Scotland is its whisky. 8) She has always been art and fashion. 9) You must be more the customers noun - adjective - noun? Letzter Beitrag: 16 Jan. 05, 05:37: Here is a grammar problem: If I want to say spatial dynamics of an ecosystem, which one is 2 Antworten: respective + singular noun - jeweilige: Letzter Beitrag: 25 Jun. 17, 05:49: the respective issuerrespective holder of the rightsrespective national currency Respective 23 Antworten: year+noun: Letzter Beitrag: 01 Okt. 08.

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When you use a powerful adjective like profitable, industrious or dynamic, it's helpful to quantify what you mean. Include specifics, as seen in the previous examples. Provide hard numbers and clear statistics whenever possible to support your use of compelling adjectives. The adjectives emphasize your point, but the numbers prove it Adjective Agreement. In Spanish, adjectives must agree with the noun (or pronoun) they describe in gender and in number. This means that if the noun an adjective describes is feminine, the adjective must be feminine, and if that same noun is also plural, the adjective will be feminine AND plural as well. For example, the noun las faldas (the skirts) is plural and feminine, so any adjectives.

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This adjective activity includes comprehension questions. An answer key is also included with this printable English language arts worksheet. 2nd through 4th Grades. View PDF. Articles (a, an, & the) Article Sentences: A and An. Complete each sentence with the word a or the word an. Kindergarten to 2nd Grade . View PDF. Articles: Fix the Sentences. Determine whether the article was used. Adjective Clause Multiple Choice Quiz. How to use : Read the question carefully, then select one of the answers button. Tips : If this page always shows the same questions, make sure you correct the question first by pressing the check answer button

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Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative). My house is (big) than yours. This flower is (beautiful) than that one. This is the (interesting) book I have ever read. Non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers. Which is the (dangerous) animal in the world? A holiday by the sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains. It is strange but often a coke is. very noisy = deafening There was a deafening roar as the rocket ship blasted off. very painful = excruciating I have an excruciating headache. I can't even think straight. very poor = destitute He grew up in a destitute family that barely had enough food to eat. very damaging/upsettin Top pay in advance synonym (adjectives only) is prepaid. pay in advance synonyms adjective - Adjective Clauses that use that Directions: Combine the sentences or questions provided to create one sentence or question. Use that at the beginning of each adjective clause. Example: This is my computer. I use it. This is the computer that I use. 1. This is the parking ticket. I have to pay it. _____ Tú (with the written accent) is the subject pronoun meaning you (informal). Tu (without the written accent) is the possessive adjective meaning your (informal). Su has four meanings: his, her, their and your (formal). María busca a su hermana. María is looking for her sister. Juan busca a su hermana. Juan is looking for his sister

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VERB - ADJECTIVE VERB - ADJECTIVE VERB - ADJECTIVE-ABLE able, can do. agree - agreeable. pass - passable. expand - expandable. remark - remarkable. laugh - laughable . pay - payable-IBLE able, can do. access - accessible. flex - flexible. force - forcible. permit - permissible. sense - sensible. force - forcible. Kennst du Übersetzungen, die noch nicht in diesem Wörterbuch enthalten sind? Hier kannst du sie vorschlagen! Bitte immer nur genau eine Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung eintragen (Formatierung siehe Guidelines), möglichst mit einem guten Beleg im Kommentarfeld.Wichtig: Bitte hilf auch bei der Prüfung anderer Übersetzungsvorschläge mit

What does volunteer mean? To volunteer is defined as to give without being asked and without being paid. (verb) When you go work in a soup kitchen.. View Intra Maternity Pay board from MANAGEMENT 2600 at Harrison College. She used back spoke building. Free Rider shot. Back with Music lost adjective. Warrant drank ground drove Managed Hostin 36 otros terminos para not gonna pay- palabras y frases con significado similar. Listas. sinónimos. antónimos. definiciones. ejemplos. thesaurus. frases. cannot afford to pay. cannot pay. do not pay . fail to pay. The bold and underline is the estar and an adjective I ave used. Correct me if my answers are wrong, thank you! 47163 views. updated Apr 29, 2013. posted by dmarquee. 1 Answer. 0. votes. Nosotras estamos un poco aburridas. Sí, ella está enamorada de él. Siempre estoy preocupado. Ahora las ventanas estan abiertas. updated Apr 29, 2013. posted by aileribel. Thank you! - dmarquee, Apr 26, 2013.

Pay attention to the exceptions. He encontrado un (bueno) trabajo. [I've found a good job.] |bueno often comes before the noun and loses the masculine ending o in the singular. Nuestras hijas son muy (independiente) . [Our daughters are very independent.]|If the adjective ends in e, we often simply add an s in the feminine plural form. Nos hemos comprado un coche (amarillo) . [We've bought. LETT {adjective}: easy, light. Another experimental Norwegian lagered ale with a very particular Kveik yeast strain. This version turned out slightly hazier, drier, and more bitter than it's big brother SPRØ

Use the adjective charts & notes in your workbook. Fill in the missing adjective! Be careful and pay attention to the hints. NOTA BENE: Adjectives agree with the nouns they modify in: GENDER (M, F, N), NUMBER (sing, plur) & CASE (Nom, Gen, Dat, Acc, Abl, Voc) . Home FAQ About Log in Subscribe now 30-day free trial. 2-1-2 Adjective Practice #1 - Formation. The steps outlined at that time included removing mention of this for-pay service entirely from its manuscript submission guidelines, clearly identifying any mention of this program as paid advertisement, and, adding prominent disclaimers that this venture was totally unaffiliated with the editorial side of Harlequin, and that paying for this service is not a factor in the consideration of. What is an Interrogative Adjective? In general, adjectives are used to describe or modify a noun. Interrogative adjectives also function in a similar manner by modifying a noun through interrogation.The commonly used interrogative adjectives are which and what.However, unlike interrogative pronouns, interrogative adjectives always needs the assistance of a noun and cannot stand alone Sign in - Google Account Exercise : Adjective or Adverb Exercise 1. Choose the correct item: 1. He (correct, correctly) defined the terms. The answer sounded (correctly, correct). 2. She (quickly, quick) adjusted the fees. She adapted (quick, quickly) to any situation. 3. He measured the floor (exact, exactly). They proved to be (perfectly, perfect) (exact, exactly) measurements. 4. The stillness of the tomb was.

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